To this powerful Vortex of infinite creation, magic and mystery and Divine Feminine Power. 


This is for she who seeks a business container, gridded with the frequencies of abundance, divine feminine flow and creativity. 


And who is looking to birth or re-birth her soul aligned business and scale to 6 figures & multiple 6 figures, in the FEMININE way. 


If your soul has called you here to these words, there is no coincidence.


It is because you have a powerful message, deep Soul gifts and Heart-Womb Wisdom that the world needs. 


There is magic in your bones, and it is ready to radiate through every cell of your being.


To be served to the world in the most divine and transformational way. 


This container holds the frequencies of Divine Union with Self & Source, which means connection to all and to our infinite power as women to create and birth worlds.


We are the Rose Lineage, the Ancient ones, the Wild Women that would not be tamed. 


We are the Empresses, The Priestesses, The Goddesses of times past. 


We are the Inspiratrix. 


And we are not here to dim our light and conform. 


We are here to awaken, evolve and transform.


To dive into the Alchemical Fires of the Divine and emerge re-born anew. 


And as we master this process ourselves, we will take all humanity with us. 


As within, so without. 


And the truth is?


There is no better way to do this than through sharing the codes of your signature Soul Blueprint, your Souls Art and your voice. 


Awakening humanity through an impactful and mission based business, and being abundantly and wildly rewarded for it. 


Because my love, you are divinely guided and supported in all you do. 


We came here to live the life that our Ancestors could not. 


We came here to reclaim and re-anchor the power of the Divine Feminine. 


To activate the hearts of many. 


To embody the Great Goddess and serve her magic and medicine in this world. 


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 


And it is time. 


Are you ready to embody mastery of Quantum Business Creation?


Inspiratrix, this is your re-birth. 


And together we shall rise.  

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So, my love, before I tell you the Sacred Details of this preordained journey, let me first tell you who this is for. 


This is for she who knows she came here to serve an almighty purpose in the world. 


The woman who seeks mystery, magic and soul remembrance in every corner of her existence. 


Who desires to create and serve her Souls Art.


Who is ready to embody her Souls Mission, and serve it through an impactful business vehicle. 


Who is ready to come out of the shadows, own her message, her voice and her medicine to share with the world.


You either, have a business and brand that you are ready to re-align with your highest and most potent expression, re-birthed into the world anew.


Or, you are ready to launch your Soul Aligned business and Quantum Leap into the highest timeline of freedom, impact and abundance. 


You hold a deep love and reverence for humanity in your heart, and even if it scares you, you know you came here to be a leader of The New Earth.


You are deeply called to The Divine Feminine work on a Soul level. 


You are a woman who desires to have it all. 


You are ready to Quantum Leap a ten year journey into Six Magical Months, and are committed to doing the work. 


You are courageous.


And nothing will stop you from claiming all you came here to be. 


Destiny and purpose awaits you now. 


Welcome Home.

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Imagine if  you could…

Align Your Soul & Brand 

Anchoring and embodying your souls most authentic and radiant expression. 

No separation in life & business, always fully expressed radiating your unique Iconic Essence. 


Awaken & Embody Your Divine Feminine Spirit

Reclaim your magnetism, your sensuality and presence in BUSINESS. 

Open your channel, further activate your gifts. 

Embody the Priestess, The Empress and The Goddess that already exists within. 


Birth & Expand Your Divine Empire 

Serve your Souls art with the world through your business Empire.

Anchor your essence, brand and message.

Accelerate and expand your business with grace and ease. 

Lead with clarity and confidence. 

Inspiratrix is the space where Business Empire meets Divine Feminine Creation. 

A 6 month Magic & Mystery School / Business Mastermind.

 A sacred expansion container designed to anchor your brand, message, purpose and accelerate your business to 6/multiple 6 figures & beyond.

And if that is what your Soul seeks, you have come to the right place. 

You will discover how to…

Build or Re-Birth Your Brand 

Anchor your Souls most potent Purpose, and Message.

Channel, birth and launch your high level offering. 

Magnetise Your Soul Mate Clients. 

Carve our your iconic energy and message and share it with the world unapologetically. 

Unlock Your Priestess Magic 

Learn the Art of Divine Feminine business style. 

Create abundance, wealth and success without the hustle. 

Shift into your most empowered, embodied & authentic expression.

Reclaim your womb wisdom, heal generational and past life trauma. 

Activate your throat chakra, and release all blocks around speaking your truth and being seen. 



5D Launch Strategies 

Receive your own 5D/New Earth Business Templates and learn how to launch your offerings with true ease using Quantum tools and technology. 

Master the Art of Invitation, Client Acquisition and Enrollment. 

Effortlessly sell your products and scale your business using the 'Embodied Empress™' Sales Strategy. 

Master Multi-Dimensional Marketing

Unplug from the Matrix, and 3D style of business.

Receive proven marketing strategies that will allow you to grow, expand and evolve your business in Quantum Leaps. 

Embody integral marketing that feels good, and creates massive impact and financial reward. 

Channel Your Souls Art 

Download your most potent, high level offering and launch plan. 

Uncover and radiate your unique expression and Soul Signature Frequency. 

Learn how to channel your content, copy, message from your Higher Self and Soul. 

Co-create with your Spirit team who are here to assist you in your Souls Destiny and Purpose and co-create with them. 

The Six Figure Empire 

You will receive the 'Multi Six Figure Roadmap.' 

You will be given Templates, Strategies and Easy to Follow Checklists to make scaling truly easy. 

Wealth Template Upgrades  

Embody the version of you that has the HOLDING power to have it all.

The 'Masculine Frame, Feminine Flow ™' Strategy.



Why I created Inspiratrix ...

After many painful years in the Corporate world, seeking to know my Purpose ...

I finally one day took a courageous leap into the unknown. 

I quit my job, packed up my life and went travelling in search of self and destiny. 

I found what I was looking for, and I started my Soul aligned business. 

And what I realised was, 3D strategy and marketing did not align with me. 

Quantum creation and acceleration did. 

And not only that, but that my path was devotion to the awakening of the Divine Feminine. 

Every woman I know has a truly profound purpose and has medicine and gifts to share with the world. 

And yet, the Initiation into leading our own Empires, sharing our Souls art and Voice with the world can be uncertain and scary. 

This is the heroines journey. 

Despite this, in my first twelve months of business combining this Sacred Divine Feminine & Quantum Work, and my Souls message I had created a 6 figure Empire organically. 

I could not myself find a program that combined magic and mystery and Divine Feminine Initiation with Business Empire Creation ... 

And so I created the very thing I sought. 

Because anchoring our codes and purpose through a business empire, not only allows us to serve and share our magic in the world in a truly powerful way, 

We also get to live a beautiful life of abundance, freedom and true joy. 

And it is my deepest passion, that every woman who seeks this shall activate the magic within and have it. 

Claim all she came here to be. 

I am devoted to this work, heart and Soul. 




Multi Dimensional Marketing

. Build/re-birth your Iconic Brand 

. Channeled Copy/Content/Offers 

. Soul Mate Client Attraction Grid 

And SO much more! 

The Priestess Portal 

. Awaken your Divine Feminine Magnetism, Presence & Power 

. Abundance Amplification Portal 

. Divine Feminine Business Strategy 

. Soul Aligned Sales & Marketing  

The Empire Expansion 

. 5D launch Strategies 

. Ongoing Client Acquisition

. The 6 Figure Biz Strategy 

. Heart Centred Leadership

. Growing your Soul Mate Team 

Meet your Mentor


Katie V Moriarty


Is a Divine Feminine Oracle, Coach and Channel. 


She works with women who desire to reclaim empowered leadership over their lives, businesses and worlds. 

She has been directly initiated into this work by the Ascended Masters and Great Goddesses Venus, Isis & Hathor and continues to receive the highest level of Priestess initiation and codes from them to pass onto her clients. 

Her work can be described as a combination of ‘Earthy, Ancient Feminine Wisdom meets Galactic Wizardess’. 

She is the founder of ‘The Embodied Empress™’, ‘Illuminate™’, and ‘Inspiratrix™’. 

Katie blends Ancient feminine healing practices with quantum field access & modalities to assist women through their shadows and what holds them back and into their highest timelines of freedom, abundance and purpose. 

It is her passion to see women shift into their souls most potent and magnetic essence in life and business and claim all they came here to be.

Katies core belief and passion is in knowing that this is the lifetime in which the Divine Feminine will rise and take back her power. 

After quitting her 13 year highly successful corporate career in search of her purpose, she went on to create a 6 figure business organically in her first twelve months and now teaches her methods to her clients. 


Here’s Why You'll Love Inspiratrix:

Quantum Business 

This is not a normal business course. You will not receive the same regurgitated marketing strategies, this is Quantum Activation. Beyond the mind. 

Channeled Uniquely for You 

You will not be coaxed into a one size fits all strategy, this course is channeled and you will create your own magical intellectual property and business plan. 

Three Programs in One 

Instead of having to invest in different courses, Inspiratrix offers Quantum Healing & Upgrades, Divine Feminine Initiation and Business Expansion in one powerful 6 months journey. 

Soul Sisterhood

This is a homecoming. This is the place where you will meet and learn to love and cherish yourself in the deepest layers. This is true Soul Nourishment & Personal Devotion. 

Welcome to the Sisterhood. 

Where we will be celebrating all things Divine Feminine, as well as all of our magnificent wins in business. 

This Is For: 

  • The courageous woman who is ready to claim it all
  • The woman who is ready to launch or re-birth a powerful business aligned with the evolution of humanity 

This Is NOT For: 

  • Anyone who is only interested in self-gain and not divine service 
  • Anyone who is not fully committed to making their dreams a reality 
  • Anyone who is looking for a 'one size fits all' template to implement


Roz Ware

I’ve expanded so much more with Katie this past month than I have in all the time I’ve received business coaching in the last 5 years.
I’ve paid for high level business coaching ($6k+ per month) in the past, and it didn’t provide the level of depth that I needed in terms of understanding myself, my internal world, my purpose and the magic I wanted to start co-creating with.
I invested again and again and still didn’t get the breakthroughs I needed.
With Katie, I finally feel like I’ve arrived in such a short time.
Katie's knowledge and understanding of your inner world is truly superior and like nothing I’ve witnessed before.
With her every day I am shifting something huge and I don’t get so exhausted by it like I used to. It’s a magical and thrilling doing this work.
Her methods are also unparalleled. She comes to our sessions with such an ability to really see me and with simple, next level business guidance, it’s been a breeze to get my business to a place that’s so aligned to who I really am, in a way that’s expansive, simple and so exhilarating.
I am literally creating magic. I’m doing far less work. I’m co-creating with the Universe like never before. And I’m now living my best life as I write this from a hotel I’ve spent a week in. 
I’m clear on my purpose, my message, what I came here to do and how I wish to deliver it, I’m making very aligned sales with women who literally bring me to tears.
I know who I am now.
I can’t thank Katie enough and I don’t think I’ll ever want to have anyone else as my business coach. I’ve found ‘the one’.
And this is only the beginning as every day things expand and magic happens.

Jessica Goh

“Wow, where do I start? 

I see my body with love and acceptance, my hair, eyes and skin are radiant.

I look like a different woman as I look so much softer, calmer and feminine. 

I'm a lot more in tune with my sensuality. 

Receiving pleasure, compliments, gifts and support is something I welcome more into my life and into my heart rather than rejecting.

I also realised that I deserve to have a healthy and divine man by my side who can stand up on his own two feet, be assertive in his boundaries and knows who he is and what he wants and treat me like an absolute queen while making me feel like the woman in a relationship.

I now have the most divine and soulful friendships, the best clients all over the world paying me top dollar who appreciate what I do for them and I'm on the path (in my own time) to discovering divine love with Mr Right as a sovereign woman.

I don't believe I have a favourite moment but I can say that having Katie as my cheerleader, having my mind stretched  and finally the last session of this program deeply and truly touched my heart. 

I never thought I would cry at the end of the program as it was coming to an end but I did, because this program, the connections and the awakening experiences have changed and transformed my life like no other.

I've been rebirthed as a brand new woman.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Inspiratrix is the 6 month Sacred Initiation container to guide you into the highest possible version of you. 

The embodied, Divine Feminine Entrepreneur who is unapologetically sharing her most potent essence, expression and souls art with the world. 


Planet Earth is in the midst of huge evolution and transformation, and she takes all humanity with her. 

Not only does the world need us embodied in our gifts, power and leadership, 

We are divinely supported and guided by many beings of light. 

The Divine Feminine is leading the ascension of all humanity. 

This IS your time. 

Don't Wait for Another Moment to Embody the Magic Within You

The greatest regret we may ever face is the way in which we held ourselves back from being the most authentic version of us. 

When we choose to do this sacred work, and embody the divine feminine within we reclaim all we came here to be. 

We walk through the shadows, illusions, fears and doubts.

Into our own magnificence, and light. 

This is true freedom, abundance and joy. 

It is possible to create the most beautiful and fulfilling life beyond your wildest dreams. 

And if you're ready to finally say YES to that and yourself, I know you're going to love Inspiratrix. 

I invite you to join me now. 

The Inspiratrix in me sees the Inspiratrix in you. 

The Details!

  • 6 month online container
  • Facebook group
    Soul sisterhood for full time ongoing support
  • Weekly Group Quantum Coaching Sessions with either Katie or Our High Level Accountability Coach
  • Lifetime Access to Content Library
  • Quantum Healing Activations
  • Wealth and Abundance Upgrades
  • Content Templates, a Multi 6 Figure Roadmap and easy to follow Launch Strategies 
  • Mindset, Embodiment and powerful Energy work to shift you into the version of you that is living your dream! 
  • VIP upgrade for one on one support available on a limited basis (Application only) 
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