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The Feminine Business Archetypes

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My FREE masterclass has been especially created for Healers, Coaches, Artists or Medicine Women who are ready to ABUNDANTLY receive for their work. 

From a place of EASE. 

If you know you have gifts and magic to share with the world and yet have struggled to anchor the business success you desire, sister, there is a REASON why. 

And in this powerful live transmission I will be breaking down exactly what is holding you back. 

You will learn the 4 very SIMPLE feminine business archetypes that will help you embody your divine feminine power, magnetism and scale your business to your desired level of income. 

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A little bit about me…

Hello…I am Katie V Danelle Moriarty.

A few years ago I was working in a high performing sales and marketing career in a very masculine industry. I quit my job and followed my true purpose in healing and mentorship, determined to find a new way. 

I knew the outdated masculine way of hustling and over-giving to create wealth wasn’t working for me. 

And so I went on the journey of The path of The Priestess. 

I healed my feminine wounds and embodied my divine feminine essence. 

And incorporated that into my life and business. 

This allowed me to build a multiple 6 figure empire working 3 days a week, in the work I LOVE to do, serving the women I truly love to work with.  

And now I support other women who know they are here for a BIGGER PURPOSE to do the same.

I will be sharing the 5 ways that you can embody this for yourself in this free Masterclass 'The Feminine Business Archetypes'.


What you will learn in this FREE masterclass

  • What the feminine business archetypes are
  • Why other peoples methods haven’t worked for you (yet)
  • What has been missing from your embodiment journey that has inadvertently blocked you from receiving income
  • What your next step is in order to scale your Soul business
  • How to play to your STRENGTHS in order to receive money easefully
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Here's What Our 'Happy Clients' Have to Say

I look like a different woman as I look so much softer, calmer and feminine. 

I'm a lot more in tune with my sensuality. 

Receiving pleasure, compliments, gifts and support is something I welcome more into my life and into my heart rather than rejecting.

I now have the most divine and soulful friendships, the best clients all over the world paying me top dollar who appreciate what I do for them and I'm on the path (in my own time) to discovering divine love with Mr Right as a sovereign woman.


You will hear Katie say that when you speak your aligned truth, your soul-mate clients will magnetize to it.

 I am one of those clients.
Over 18 months, I have invested in multiple program offerings, including private coaching, because Katie’s teachings are that profound.

 With her guidance and quantum healing, I have shed deep layers of limited thinking and expanded my consciousness to a level I could not have imagined.
Katie’s capability is so broad in scope, that she offers personal, multidimensional healing as effortlessly as rock solid business building techniques - all in a divine feminine way, instead of the exhausting, 'slave girl' way.

 I see myself so differently now, with self-confidence I never knew and the brevity to publicly share my divine light in service to others. And I continue to integrate her codes, long after the work has been completed.

 As one who knows magic, I can say without question, Katie is a Unicorn with profound gifts!


Womens Empowerment Coach

There are no ‘words’ to describe fully what has evolved working with Katie. 

Every single element of my life has changed. 

The frequency shifts are extremely potent resulting in upgrades that I could not have even imagined, and most certainly not what I originally came to this container of work for, however very welcomed in my life. 

My business alone has exploded with clients and opportunities. 

Just last month on an intuitive nudge from soul I sent one email to my (very small) list and from this I received almost 10k banked, paid in full cash.

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Embodiment of the Feminine Business Archetypes is KEY.

There is no need to hustle and struggle through scarcity & uncertainty anymore. If you want to scale your business to 6 figures or more my masterclass series is an ESSENTIAL for you.

Embodiment of the Feminine Business Archetypes is KEY to your next level of expansion. 

It is the missing piece for you and your Soul has guided you here for a reason. 

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